Hi,                                                             en catellano, por favor

Currently I am working both in Spain and Sweden with the rolf’s method, also known as Structural Integration, the original name coined by the woman who developped the technique, Dr Ida P. Rolf. In this site You’ll find an array of information about this method.

The therapy is build up on ten sessions performed on the client on a massage table. There are many ways to decribe it, to talk about it and the final goal(s) of this therapy. To explain it in a few words will hardly give real justice and more questions may arise that answers been aswered. One way to describe it could be that: Structural Integration gives us a powerful tool to achieve and maintain a better posture, a better starting point to action, thus making that very action better.

This simple fact will have far reaching consequences on us that will go beyond just the physical level. For instance, somebody that has been going through the process will find tools to cope with stress. But this definition falls short. This site is intended to make you curious and answer a few questions. Later on, more advanced principles will be added. Also new posts will be added to inform upcoming events and relevant news.

Nevertheless I believe that the ultimate answer will be only truly understood and embodied if we give ourselves the oportunity to receive the ten sessions. To do this, there are many fine practitioners around the globe. To find a practitioner near you, you may search http://www.theiasi.org/locate.php.

Another nice option is to get in contact with me and together we´ll go through that journey.

Most welcome

Santiago Pinto Doublet


A version in spanish of this site is available at http://sibc.wordpress.com


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